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 RUN TIME - 2nd DEC - 28TH FEB 

Auditions are now open to become the next vocalist of And Hell Followed With. write & record your parts to "Bathed in Ichor" to submit


Please download the audition instrumental

When finished submit your audition via the google form below

**Audio and video accepted**


As we come to a new chapter in the story of AHFW, we embark on our next adventure. We are searching for the next voice of AHFW. As expected, Crown Magnetar has grown and it is now unsustainable for Dan to front both groups.

Our time with Dan has been wonderful and he has fulfilled his duties with grace. We wish him the best and we know the success of Crown Magnetar is just beginning.

As we begin the search, we have decided to release an instrumental version of a new song due to be released on our next EP. This track is ferocious and relentlessly heavy. It will require a sufficient amount of skill to harness its' true potential.


We are not only looking for a vocalist...but an artist. A person that embues their craft with originality and can create an atmosphere that mesmerizes the listener.

Please review the material we have provided and submit your entry by the due date. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your take on the new single!



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